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What is Young Wrexham?

Young Wrexham is an interactive website for all young people aged 11 – 25 who live, work or study in the Wrexham area. This website has been designed to give you better information about activities, services and opportunities that are available for you in Wrexham, and also to give you information and advice on issues that young people face on a daily basis. The site also has news stories, videos and blogs made by young people in the area and is designed to encourage young people to get directly involved with the website.

The websites ‘Info’ section provides information which is based around your Ten Entitlements which have been set out by the Welsh Assembly Government in line with the European Youth Information Charter. This section is currently being reviewed to ensure we are providing you with accurate and relevant information.

What is TRACK on the ‘Organisations’ Section?

The organisations tab on the website links to our service directory TRACK. ‘TRACK’ is an online search facility of local projects/clubs and services in Wrexham that can help you get access to your rights and entitlements covering everything from Athletics to Youth Centres! The information can be found by typing in key words, scrolling down the organisations or by even clicking on your age range.

Who runs Young Wrexham?

ProMo-Cymru has been funded to develop interactive websites throughout Wales. Young Wrexham is run from the INFO Shop in Wrexham, which is a specialist service managed by Wrexham Youth Service. A youth worker is employed to keep some of the information up to date and to upload articles and events. We also have a young editorial group who write articles for the site and have been involved from the start with the design of the site.

From the consultation that took place in youth clubs across Wrexham, Burning Red, a creative design company based in Cardiff Bay put the website together and they constantly update the site and support us when needed.

What do we need to make the website great?

We need YOU to upload articles, blogs etc. They can be about whatever you fancy sharing: news, reviews, creative writing, previews, features, or just let everyone know about your events or opinions (some people write about different things that have happened to them). Use the website to develop your journalistic skills and become a budding reporter in the area in which you live. You also have the ability to add videos from YouTube to news items and can upload up to five images to accompany your story.


All of our articles have to be sent off for translation so that the articles you write can also go on our welsh site Wrecsam Ifanc and vice versa if someone submits an article in Welsh. Translation can take up to 4 weeks. I know that this sounds a long time, but the articles that come through are great and deserve to be read in Welsh and English, so please don’t be put off and start sending your stories in.

How can I upload my articles onto Young Wrexham?

Just take two minutes to register and you can start to submit stuff. If you need help, email infoshop@wrexham.gov.uk

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. It will help us find out how you use the website so we can keep improving it for you. Everyone who completes the survey will get the chance to win £50.