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Wrexham Away Trip: Brighton

Posted by wrexhamrule from Wrexham - Published on 16/01/2012 at 21:13
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It was Saturday 7th January 2012 and I woke up and half past 6 in the morning. There was a reason for me to wake up at such an early hour because I was on my way to Brighton to support my local club: Wrexham. I did not mind getting up so early because I was looking forward to going to Brighton.

I got to the football ground ready for the bus to leave at 8 in the morning. When I got to the football ground I met up with my friend and we had to find the right bus to take us down to Brighton, which was not easy as there were about 15-20 buses.

When we eventually found the right one and boarded it, we saw that it was very full and there was no chance of sitting next to my mate. Luckily he was able to si behind me so we could still talk on the journey. When we had done about half an hour of the journey there was a stop so I went off the bus and went to have a Burger King breakfast.

When we got to the ground I had two Fosters and a burger while I waited for the game to start. The atmosphere in the ground was immense as the whole of the Wrexham fans were singing songs and getting ready for the football to start.

When the football finally started all of the fans were optimistic that they were going to be the team that won the match. By the time we got to half time in the match it was still 0-0 and any of the teams could win the match.

The second half started and the fans were as optimistic as they were in the first half. The Wrexham fans' optimism did not last for long though because Brighton had scored the opening goal. This meant that if Wrexham did not score they would be out of the FA cup. It was not over yet though, because Wrexham did manage to score a goal and the fans were going crazy. The match ended 1-1 so this meant that we would have to play them again in just over a week.

On the bus journey back home the Wrexham fans were quite happy with the way the game went because we felt the team had played well. Hopefully my team will show me how good they can be and beat Brighton at home.

I will update you when the match happens.

Signing out, Wrexhamlad.

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Commented 63 months ago - 18th January 2012 - 10:21am

Good report, do you reckon Brighton will put out a full-strength team tonight?


Commented 63 months ago - 19th January 2012 - 14:30pm

Well put!

Commented 63 months ago - 19th January 2012 - 15:13pm

Burger King breakfast, two pints and another burger. Sounds like a healthy meal! ;)

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